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Adreno is a collective group of aviation and adventure enthusiasts. We conduct adventure tours, activities and camps for different age groups. During such camps we got to interact with experienced veterans and at times they share their experience, concerns, views and ideas over a coffee table or purposeful discussions.

From such inputs we could breed this new concept for our ever growing aviation industry. The concept of implanting a high quality dream seed of becoming a pilot in to those teenagers who are about to choose their career path.

Further nourish this seed with all rich fertilizers – knowledge of ground subjects, etiquettes, industry norms, language etc. Grow them ready to step-in for flying training. To fulfil this concept we have now Young Aviators Window


Our vision is to contribute to the ever growing aviation industry with the best pilots and other aviation staff. We stand and strive for the presence, demand and domination of Indian aviators in the global aviation through their skill, professionalism and safety culture.


We are on our mission to search the talents at young, train them and make them the best in the industry and so capable to take-up their career at younger age.


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